It's not always women who feminize men into hot sissy girls! Wives and girlfriends may have the power of pussy, feminine intuition and plenty of makeup tips, but it's Dominant Men who offer the reluctantly sissified male what she TRULY craves -- big, hard cock and a heavy hand across her cute little ass! Now, erotic BDSM author N.T. Morley and sissy porn magnate Kylie Cooper bring you seven sweet stories of forced feminization where men take the lead role, turning aspiring sluts into shameless whores with a little roughhousing and a few deep strokes of their mind-blowing manhood!

With seven stories and 34,000 words of explicit erotica, Master and Sissy will do things to you that you never thought possible. Don't blame your fantasy Master if you squirt in your panties! These men know the cardinal rule of sissy discipline: slutty behavior is always the sissy's fault!

"Master and Sissy" is an explicit erotic collection intended only for an adult audience that wishes to read frank descriptions of sexual behavior, including male and female domination, male submission, forced feminization and sissification, cross-dressing, cuckolding, cheating, erotic humiliation, bisexuality, tease-and-denial, chastity, oral and anal sex, gangbangs, and other forms of sexual variation. Do not sample, buy or read it if you might find such themes offensive.


Gym Encounter by Shauna Dick
The Serum by Britney Jordan
Practice Stop by Kendra Jarry
That Kind of Girl by Corey Sawyer
License and Registration by Kylie Cooper
Charity Call by Riley Dillard
Rosita's Fluffer by Derek McDaniel